Friday, June 15, 2012

Write Your Own Adventure

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Here are the links I have received so far. Happy reading:)

Legends of Lit
A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer

Story Prompt for Write Your Own Adventure!!!! Ready to write? I hope so! You can still join in on the fun. Just leave a comment and let me know. Please don't post your story adventure until Wednesday, June 20. Don't forget to email your adventure link to me before Wednesday so I can add you to our list of links!

Story Prompt:

What Jack loved the most about his new mechanical night vision glasses was how well they matched his hat. Really, they would go with anything in his wardrobe and he was glad they did. One night as he sat reading his favorite book a strange noise came from the attic. Jack wanted to go find out who was up there, but he needed his hat and goggles. Walking into the closet, Jack noticed something was terribly wrong. His steam-carriage idled quietly, yet Jack did not remember cranking the engine. He tried cutting the engine off but it still hummed softly in the darkness. It was time. Jack's mouth went dry and his fingers trembled with excitement. He knew that once he entered the steam-carriage he might never return. But unfortunately for him, the Society left him no choice. At least they had given him the option to take Lucy, if she would go. Jack hoped she would. He knew she had some kind of strange power. Every time she was around...

Okay, your turn!

Dinosaur Jazz, written by Michael Panush, is on the market and ready for you to buy. Don't wait another minute before you go and get it. You will love it! What's it about, you might ask? Well, if you will spend a little time here at Ink in the Book, I will be spilling the beans just a tiny smidgen every day all next week. Don't miss a single day or you might miss something important.

Today kicks off our Blog tour for this fabulous book and amazing author. It's time for another contest! Yeah! Starting today and running through Tuesday night, everyone who would like to participate has a chance to be part of our Choose Your Own Adventure Contest. All you have to do is comment below and let me know you want to take part. On tomorrow, I will post the first part of the story - kind of like a story starter or prompt. Participants have until Tuesday night to write their own adventure. It only needs to be 3 to 5 lines. You will email your link to your blog entry to me at and on Wednesday I will post all the links. Readers will then have the chance to Choose Their Own Adventure ending.

For the PRIZE? Michael has agreed to critique the first page of your WIP!!! Wow! If I could enter this contest I would. Michael is a fantastic writer and you are lucky to have a critique from him!!

How do you win in this contest? The most creative, best written entry will be chosen! So get your creative juices flowing an let me know you want to participate. Comment below!


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    1. Wooooooo! I'm looking forward to a creative entry from you, Sharon:)

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    1. Oh yea!!! I can't wait to see what you enter. Thanks for joining !!!

    2. Here's mine:

  3. Oh, yea Maryellen! (love your name!) I'm looking forward to reading your entry. Nice to meet you and I am so glad you stopped by my blog!

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    1. Thanks, Juhi! I'm really excited about the great entries coming up. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table, er, book:)

  5. Nope! It can be as short or as long as you like:)

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  7. Yay! The more entries, the more fun to read, thanks for joining and thanks for visiting Matthew!

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