Monday, June 25, 2012

Sharon Bayliss Murder Mystery Blogfest

The murder mystery blogfest, hosted by Sharon Bayliss, is finally here!

Update Suspect Questions:
Question #1

So Miss Spoonfest...things aren't looking good for you, my dear. You were seen having an altercation with Mr. Glow about a property issue only days before his death. And as a spider farmer, you would have easy access to the murder weapon. I suggest you start talking if you want to save your pretty skin. Tell me about the disagreement between  you and Lenny. 

Karlie Spoonfest: Lenny was a good guy to me. He doted on me all the time. He asked me to marry him, but of course I said no. He grabbed up the Silver Haired Queen before I could change my mind.  He loaned me some extra cash to pay off a friend. When I couldn't pay him back as soon as he wanted, he asked to buy my beachfront property in exchange. The only thing, I didn't own the piece of land by myself. Ratilly Nottington owned half of it. I wanted to buy her half, but she down right refused. That's what Lenny and me were discussing the night of my party. He got real upset, causing a scene. I had no choice but to call the LAPD, but when they arrived, Lenny had already left.

Question #2

A friend of yours said you sold your spider farm shortly before Lenny's death. Now don't get too comfortable, that doesn't exactly clear your name. But it would be in your best interest to tell us who you sold that spider farm to.

Karlie Spoonfest: I sold the farm to Ratilly. I figured I could pay Lenny what I owed him. Then he could hash out the beachfront property with Ratilly. I don't like the beach anyway. I would have given Lenny my half if it weren't for Ratilly. She turned on me anyway. She's a terrible friend.

Question #3 
And where were you on the night of Lenny Glow's death?
Karlie Spoonfest: Early in the day, I met with Ratilly to give her the keys to the spider farm and let her know what spiders like to eat. That night, I flew to Paris for an extended vacation.

 Update: Interview with Karlie Spoonfest's close friend, Ratilly Nottington.
I was fortunate to snag this short but extremely informative interview with Ratilly. She has some inside information I think will be interesting to everyone involved in solving this case. She also loaned me a photo of Karlie to post on my blog. Let's see what she has to say.

Ink: Thank you, Ratilly, for agreeing to answer our questions.

Ratilly: Well, you know, (*chews gum*) it's the least I can do. You know? Karlie used to be such a close friend, but here lately, I've been real shocked by her actions, you know?

Ink: What actions are you referring to?

Ratilly: A couple weeks ago, she up and sold that old, creepy spider farm she had. I hated them nasty creatures, you know? I told I wasn't about to visit her anymore if she insisted on moving in that old run down farm house.

Ink: Farm house? I thought she lived on the beach, close by Lenny's place.

Ratilly: Well, you know that was all just a cover up. (*chews gum faster*) She never was one to enjoy the beach. She hates the sands, you know, and always said she preferred a pool to the beach.

Ink: What do you mean by cover up? She did own the beachfront property, didn't she?

Ratilly: (Pops a bubble before answering) She did, kind of. Well, the property wasn't all hers, you know?

Ink: No, I didn't know. What do you mean by that?

Ratilly: (*chews gum super fast*) She had a partner. She owed money and that's why she sold the spider farm, you know, to pay off her debts.

Ink: Do you know, Ratilly, who Karlie owed money to?

Ratilly: (*spits gum on the floor, and slides chair across the dusty, wooden planks, away from desk*) You know, I can't answer that question right now. I gots to go, you know. I gots some pets to feed.

The PRIME suspect, according to inside sources, is none other the infamous Karlie Spoonfest. Karlie has been seen wrapped around the arm of Lenny. She owns the spider farm on County Road 19. Lenny was last scene at the farm one week before his murder. Close friends of Karlie say Lenny came out to the party hosted by Karlie. Many big names from the LAPD showed up, too. Karlie called them after Lenny threatened her because she said she wasn't interested in selling her prime property on the beachfront. Property that just happens to be close to Lenny's. What more evidence is needed?


  1. Karlie does sound pretty guilty. She's got motive and she's got means. But is it that simple or is someone setting her up? The detectives will certainly be interrogating her very soon.

  2. It's a set up. I am innocent!

  3. So I sez: whoze tryin' ta frame tha dame?

  4. I am a close personal friend of Karlie's. I've talked to her. I've been at the spider farm. She told me she was selling that creepy old place because she hated spiders. Ink in the Book has asked me to do an interview tomorrow. You might be surprised at what you hear tomorrow...

  5. LOL, I love your guest commenters!

  6. I too am wondering if poor Karlie is just being set up??

    Great interview - I too love your guest commentators. I'll be posting my suspect tomorrow! ;)

  7. I'll stop by and check it out! Thanks, Kimberly. And good luck in the "Daisy" contest:)


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