Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three, Two, One Pitch Contest

Great news everyone! Here is a call out for anyone with a complete and polished manuscript. If you have ever wanted an opportunity to PITCH you story to an agent, here is your chance! Author Dorthy Dryer is hosting this amazing contest and the judge is none other than Natalie Lakosil over at the Bradford Literary Agency

Winner will receive a full request from Natalie. How exciting is that? Head on over to We Do Write and throw your pitch!


  1. I'm not for sure, but I may pitch a couple of ideas.

  2. Here's me pitch. What do you think?

    River Morgan’s petite, pink-haired and not quite twenty, but she has already mastered the art of how to erase a memory from those who are haunted by their past. Every Taker in the town of Ravyn craves this unexplored and little-known power, but River is dead set on protecting it. When River suddenly begins to loose her identity, she must risk connecting with the underground, playing fire with an ancient relic using her against her will and a lover who thinks she might be better off dead.

    1. Here's ME pitch? Sheesh! MY pitch sounds much better!

  3. My second pitch went like this:

    Name: Talynn Lynn
    Title: The Right of Redemption
    Genre: Historical Fiction
    Word Count: 80,000

    He killed her husband right in front of her eyes, but somehow Alura still fell in love with him.

    Terious knows he will pay a steep price for rescuing Alura and sparing her life, yet he can't resist the desire to be near her touch.

    Now, he must save her from the brothel ship before she is gone forever.


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