Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dinosaur Jazz Trivia

Describe Hadean Hills.

Remember, you don't have to know the answer. Make a guess, or two, or three, because every comment counts as a chance to win a Copy of Dinosaur Jazz by Michael Panush!! Come on! What is your Guess??


  1. Well, it's hills, so I would say there are trees. Maybe a lush and quiet stream flowing throw a delightful meadow. Green grass, wild flowers and warm sun.

  2. I think there are trees, too, but no grass. Rocks, bushes, eagles, and snakes. Dinosaur snakes!

  3. They are how you might imagine hell. There is lots of lava, it's hot, and there are dino bones scattered about.

  4. No trees, no grass, no humans. Only scary, creepy "others." Cold. Rainy. High in the hills.


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