Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday and Predictions

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Linn
Happy Birthday to you!
(and many more)
I made you a cake!

And what's birthday cake without ice cream?

And of course, you need a present to open:)

 What's inside you box?
It's a horoscope dress!!

Warning!! Very Long Post!!!

Now, for the Predictions! What is in store in the future? If you did not get a chance to give your fortune on yesterday's post, please visit here and do so today.
If you want to enter our Write your own story contest, you can enter here.

Ok, for predictions, please tell me what you think is in store for:

1.     What is in store for Linn?
2.     What is in store for the Quintessential Gemini?
3.     What is in store for Sapphire Star Publishing?

Here are mine:

For Linn:


For Quintessential Gemini:


For Sapphire Star Publishing:

And finally for today, here are Linn's answers to the questions from yesterday. If you want to make your Fortune Telling for these questions, do so BEFORE you look at the real answers!

Question: Please describe your idea of Katherine:

Katherine is an extremely focused and determined lady. She is passionate about life; she wants to make every single minute count.  The discipline of working in a financial environment for so long has given her a rigid routine and she was like a well-oiled machine.  Flawless.  Except … success at what you do isn’t always about being the best and getting amazing results.  In today’s world it’s often about who you know and how clever you are at side-stepping issues that make waves.  Katherine has no concept of how to live her life making things easy for herself.  She sets herself a goal and she will get there – even if, on occasion, fate itself doesn’t want her to go in that direction.  When God was handing out willpower, Katherine was first in the queue!

How can you fight fate?  Well, Katherine has given it a good try and succeeded, but then the inevitable happened.  An adjustment in the heavens put her where she was supposed to be – without a job, for the very worst of reasons because she was a star at what she did!  But that wasn’t what the cosmos had decreed for her.

Living her life according to her daily horoscope, as written by the awesome Mark Ainsley-Thomas, Katherine’s determination clouds her acceptance of what the stars are showing her.  She simply can’t believe that everything is going to go wrong; how can her life fall apart when she’s worked so hard and met every single task and goal set her?  It’s not that she thinks Mark has it wrong, of course, she simply thinks it will be a little flurry and then she’ll be back on track.  Hey, it happens to everyone doesn’t it?  This is no little flurry – her life is literally turned upside down.

The fact that love interests came and went over the years is no coincidence.  No one could match her level of passion for anything – love, life or commitment.  In the time that No. 4 was by her side he saw it all and noted, sadly, that they were all lacking.  Then he met James Kingman.  Now here was a guy worthy of having Katherine in his life … but would she be too stubborn to see fate now wanted her to take a risk? 

Question: Where did the name Cat No. 4 come from

In the book he’s called No. 4 because he was the fourth of a litter of six adorable little black and white kittens.  Katherin’s sister Cassie had begged her to take one of them as her two daughters, Kaitlin and Lacey, wanted to keep them all. Cassie had to find homes for them very quickly as her husband, the lovely Sean, was putting his foot down. Katherine ended up with kitten number 4.  She always meant to name him properly, but before she really had a chance to think of something, it just stuck. She came to realize that in a strange way, the quirkiness of it really suits him. Cassie says he has the face of Brad Pitt and the walk of John Wayne.  He has this little swagger, which makes him look cute and he gazes up at you with innocent pride—he just loves being a cat.

In real life he’s Mr Tiggs, he sits with my whilst I write although he’s a man’s cat really.  He comes to me for food and to be let out because he prefers to have the door opened for him rather than use the cat flap next to it.  He doesn’t know he’s a cat, he thinks he’s a boy and he really does have ‘cattitude’.  If people visit and he wants them to go, if they get up to grab their coffee cup he will immediately jump up onto their seat so they can’t sit back down. 

But he’s also a little wussy (when he isn’t bringing in live prey) and during the night does use the cat flap to go out hunting. However, in between he comes in and jumps up on the bed, lying on my husband for cuddles and purring so loudly we might just as well have a baby in the house. 

What is very special about him, is that we have lived in several houses where there was spirit activity.  In one in particular both my husband and I saw orbs, and jointly witnessed several incredible ‘experiences’.  Friendly ones, I hasten to add.  Mr Tiggs sensed it too, sometimes when there wasn’t anything that we could actually see or feel ourselves.  He would sit in one spot in the sitting room and look at the floor. He would then get up and circle whatever it was he could see.  He did something similar in two spots in the bedroom.  The fact that my husband and I were fairly recent ‘believers’ at that time, meant it gave us comfort.  We knew what was there meant us no harm, but we liked the thought that Tiggs wasn’t spooked either!

Question: Who or what event inspired Linn’s theme of psychic love?

It’s a whole story in itself – where do I begin?  I knew I would write from about the age of eleven, but it wasn’t in that ‘what will you be when you grow up?’ way.  I had a clear vision.  It wasn’t until about 2003 that I finally accepted that I could no longer say I was a sceptic, that I had to stand up and be counted, I believed in the existence of life after death.  The experiences had begun at a very early age, when I was in a cot actually. 

What changed was that my husband, who was an even bigger sceptic than myself – well, even having had so many experiences it’s easier to put it down to imagination once the episode has passed – had the first of quite a few incidents.  He chose to ignore the first things that happened, then one night it really spooked him and we had our first real conversation.  We compared notes about things we felt in the house and had seen.  It was a few months later that we had our first joint ‘sighting’.  Now that was freaky, only because it meant we could no longer tell ourselves it wasn’t a big deal.  We had to face what it implied.

I’m setting the scene, because the ‘vision’ I had of being a writer from my childhood was always a picture in my head.  Almost like a video clip really, I could walk around and clearly see myself sitting at a desk.  It was in an old cottage, a little rustic and looked out onto a small but pretty garden.  I was happy spending my time writing and with a glimpse of nature every time I looked up.  It gave me a sense of well-being, of having found my niche. 
What I was being shown was many, many years down the road … In between I left school, started work, married my husband, had two children, had two careers (finance and interior design).  Life happened.  I had a journal with all of the storylines that came to me over the years, but no time to devote to writing.  I wasn’t worried or frustrated, because I knew the time would come and when it did I would be where fate wanted to take me.

When I did get that moment, blank page in front of me and it was my ‘time to write’, I always knew it would be about romance but I had no idea I’d incorporate my passion for following the stars and psychic connections.  Now that WAS a surprise that fate suddenly presented me with!

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  1. Thank you so much Tammy for the birthday wishes! It's been a fabulous journey with you and such fun. LOVE your presents/forecasts above - so cleverrrr! You have a great imagination and I can you are a writer too....


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