Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pulled Fashion Show

UPDATE: We have added many entries and hopefully by tomorrow there will be a complete transformation!! Why not look at the new photos below and let us know what you think?

Another entry has been added! I see a little *bling* has been added, but not enough. We still need some magic fit for a princess!

Update Again: Matilda is doing much better with her magic, but she still needs some help!

Ok, today is the first day of our Pulled Fashion show. We have received FOUR awesome comments, which means we have FOUR amazing magic stars! One star opened the fashion show, and we now have THREE entries in our fashion show. We have our catwalk and we have one outfit! But I don't think we have enough magic to transform A.L into her princess attire! A.L. needs more stars if we are going to wave our wand and change her into a princess. Poor Matilda! She needs some help! Comment! Comment! Comment!!