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Silent Night...Secret Agent Reveal!

Yes, it is silent around here...

If you have nay suggestions for the final month of workshops, leave a comment below. The schedule has een made, but I am waiting on a few return emails before spilling the beans on what to expect in January. But let me say it's going to be great.

We will be discussing the complete submission package:

Query Letter
First 5 pages

There will be a query letter break down and examples of what to include, how to catch an agents attention with a luring hook and how to trick, er, I mean entice an agent to want to know more about your book.

There will be more agent giveaways. These were planned for last week, but things didn't turn out as I had expected (but still awesome!) so January will be busy the first few days of the workshop.

Someone requested an detailed schedule in advance, so I will list each class, discussion session, contest, and workshop in January. This will give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the month and help them get ready for the pitch opportunity in February.

Are you ready for out secret agent reveal?

Jordy Albert of the Booker Albert Literary Agency! Her wish list?

I'm really interested in plots featuring time travel, competitions, or stories about travel. I'm interested In YA, New Adult/Adult. Stories that are either contemporary or historical, and I am most interested in romance.

Jordy will be giving away a 10 page critique!!!

I will recap all the agents and their giveaways during the first workshop in January.

Any questions? comments? Suggestions??

See you all again on Thursday!


  1. With that info, I might pull out a time travel one I've been sitting on! ;-)

    1. I am definatly intrigued with time travel. I have written a couple manuscripts involving time travel myself. Hmmm..,

  2. 10 page crit is an AWESOME give-a-way... Fun stuff here at Ink in the Book! :-)

    1. I think it's a fabulous give away. Too bad I can't join

  3. I adore Jordy. She is a wonderful person and I've never seen her without a kind word to say :)

    Ten pages! Wow! What an awesome give away :)

    1. I've only just met her but she's been incredibly sweet

  4. Thank you so much that you will be posting schedules! That will make it so much easier. It's extremely frustrating that I haven't had time for spontaneity the last few weeks and won't for a couple more months. Knowing when to head over here is going to be a tremendous help!

    1. I'm so glad it will help you out. I think everyone may appreciate know what to expect, do thanks for the suggestion:)

  5. What a gift! This is amazing~ Good luck to all...I'm so excited for all of you~
    Hope you are doing well Inky!
    Wishing you all the best~

  6. Hi Ella! What an exciting giveaway! Thanks for the well wishes! I'm sending them back to you:)


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