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Character Situations: Part 2

Great books have great characters and these characters need situations to work through. There are times I simply lay on my couch and just think of the most fascinating characters I cannot wait to write a story about them. Sometimes I can think of the best character with lovely descriptions and perfect settings, but that's all. My characters find themselves doing nothing, and my great character dies prematurely. Here's what I do to to bring her back to life.

1. Find Something New.

Have you ever wondered how film was developed? (Really? Film? Sure, not all stories take place today, right? Sometimes I enjoy writing historical books:) What a librarian did all day? Or what happens when Wal Mart gets a new shipment in? How does Wal Mart find new clients? What process does the police department take when booking a new criminal? What goes in to making a movie? Casting a movie? Writing a script? Learning new things and the way things work is a great way to discover new situations for your characters to work through.

2. Ask Weird Questions

Ask people what their greatest fear is and then ask them why they have that fear. Ask your neighbor what their favorite type of movie is and then ask them why. Do you run into the same person every time you visit the beach? ask them why they come so often. When ask someone to explain why, they may give you a reason you have never thought of before. This reason could spark a great idea for your great character. You never know until you ask.

3. Do Something Different

Do you always grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Try Dunkin Donuts today. Always shop at K Mart? Shop at Target today. Do you always take the stairs? You know, for the extra exercise. Take the elevator today. When you turn your normal into not normal, you are creating a different world and will see things you normally wouldn't.

Ideas can come from the strangest places at the oddest times. Has an unusual event given you a great idea for your great character?


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