Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ISWG April

Holy cow! I almost forgot this month. I remembered last night and thought of a good post, then got up this morning and it completely slipped my mind! Yes, I'm getting old. Wait! Who said that??

So, my thoughts tonight. I hope I don't get any rolled eyes or snickers:(

Does anyone else ever feel like they just don't fit in? Like a fish out of water? Like a third wheel?

Well, I do. Sometimes I think "What's the use trying. I'm little ole me and no one really cares. I don't fit in, I don't have loads of friends hanging around, tweeting me, responding to things I say. and so on.

I get the feeling maybe I'm trying to hard. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Maybe I should just close up shop and get out of the cyber world.

Not long ago, I had a great thing happen to me and the blog. Then all of sudden, out the no where clouds of blue, it all fell apart. Was it me? What did I do to turn "it"away? Was I not kind enough? Was I overbearing? Was I too much of pansy? Or did they just. not. like. me.

I don't know. But I do know. I love my blog, my followers, my friends, my family.

And they love me. and that's all that matters:)


  1. We can't please everyone all of the time! Just remain true to you.

  2. Don't despair! I think blogs roll around a bit. I really notice a dip in page views and comments around holiday times, particularly in the summer, and just when I'm starting to get really paranoid, it picks up again. Just keep writing like you do, and keep the faith, ok??

  3. HEY! YOU! STOP THAT!!!!! I LOVE YOU and just because I don't write back right away doesn't mean I don't care <3 <3 xoxoxo

    So take THAT. And like. Idk. Hug it? lol

    Seriously though. The non-conversation is totally my fault and not yours. Will write you an email now :)


  4. Hot chocolate, and sugar cookies, sent your way!

    Yes, stay true to you!

  5. Man, this totally echoes my IWSG post for today. I definitely feel like a fish out of water in the cyberspace and in person writing communities. I figure when I meet the right people things will fall into place, I hope. Or maybe we are just too awesome for them to handle. Yeah, let's go with that. ;)
    Be true to you and everything will work out for the best. :) Lots of smiles!

  6. Do I ever feel like I don't fit in? All. The. Time. I did one of those personality tests back in my early twenties as part of a pre-marriage couples therapy session, and I came up in the smallest group (1% of the population or something). And the therapist said to me, I kid you not, "If you've ever felt like you don't fit in anywhere, it's because you don't." I've sort of learned to embrace the fact that I'm an original - I bet you are too :)

  7. Talynn, this is a very timely post. Thank you. I feel all sorts of shades of insecurity lately. My birthday's coming up, and as I get older, it seems that birthdays are a reminder of what I still want to accomplish that I haven't yet. So....yeah, insecurity time! *Big hugs* You are not alone! A lot, I'm sure a TON, of us can relate.

  8. I feel this way only most of the time. And I forgot the IWSG until midday and had to add it to my post---late! Sometimes we're human and forget or feel disconnected or just plain need to lie down in a quiet space and let the world whirl past.

    Hang in there. Obviously there's a group of us misfits out here.

  9. Everyone feels that way most of the time I think. I know I've always felt like I'm dancing to a different beat than humanity. Instead of pouting about it (like I usually do) I'm celebrating it. Shit happens. You can learn from it, or suffer from it. It's your choice.

  10. I think that we all feel like that, from time to time. As for blogs, we get on rolls and we have lulls, just like in life. I know how you feel and it is normal. We just keep churning and burning and look forward to the next peek. Hang in there. I forgot about IWSG AGAIN, I think I have been booted off the list, but I will still write my post next month. Sending good thoughts your way. Have a great day!

  11. I've had those days. Maybe it goes hand and hand with being overwhelmed? I don;t know. I do know I was pleased you stopped by my blog and I'm very glad to *meet* you!

  12. love the post. I always have felt out of sorts and don't have many friends that get me. I feel like I am many different people in my daily life depending on who I am with. The only time I feel like myself is with my hubby and the kids, and even then I get a lot of eye rolls. :) I guess that is why i get so completely excited when someone wants to be my friend on twitter or facebook and responds to a blog post. :) You're great! Love your posts!


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