Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Challenge: P

P is for Prayers of Peace

In light of the terrible news this week, it is difficult for me to blog about my life and the happiness that surrounds me. So many people are suffering and hurting. Our nation is once again thrown into disarray and shock and sadness.

And the natural disasters from storms in the south have added to the loss of lives, too.

This week, I am praying for peace.

The PROMISE of hope.

 For those who are hurting, I am praying for you.


  1. You're right. Peace and Hope, not destruction and intimidation by terrorists or natural disasters.

    I like that Mark Koopmans is training for a marathon and plans to run in defiance of the bomb makers.

  2. Very true. I am adding my prayers to yours.

  3. What a perfect post for this week.

  4. Thanks so much for all the reviews.
    I have used your site frequently as a source for books to read.
    Best wishes in all you do.

  5. Praying with you for our nation and for those who are hurting, and praising God for all those who are helping.

  6. Adding my prayers to yours and everyone else's in this great country of ours, hoping that our united energy can carry those suffering right now.


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