Monday, April 1, 2013

A to Z Challenge Day #1, (Pixar #6)

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit Ink in the Book! And I am thrilled to be part of the

A to Z Blog Challenge! 

It's a huge, gigantic list of participants, so I have added the linky list to the right sidebar, over there --->>> for you to click that will bring you to the post. If I posted the linky every day, well I guess you can figure out why I'm only posting once...

Yes, this is my first year and I am so excited I remember seeing it around last year and thinking "What is this?" I read a ton of posts and and realized I had missed a great thing! I'm happy to be here, and I'm even happier to meet you!!

I'm a writer and a teacher, so my theme this month will be....learning the art of writing! Or something like that:) Actually, I've planned a series of blog post on a variety of ideas, inspirations and learning. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing these. 

For my letter A, I have chosen the word


How do you inspire yourself? When you run into a brick wall, what is the best way to see light again? I don't recommend busting through it. That might hurt! But you can climb over it, or possibly dig under it. You can AWAKEN your creativity through ordinary surroundings.

New writers, as well as established authors, occasionally walk around in the dark, needing some creative light to spark their pen! That is not always easy. What can you do to motivate your thought process? How do you AWAKEN the inspiration already there, when the only thing that stops your learning process is a blank canvas you want to desperately to fill with beautiful colors?

For starters, take a look around you. What do you see?
Old books?
Your inspiration could be right in front of you~

Look for fascinating colors, intriguing art, peaceful lakes, or rustling streams. Your sight has the power of  innovation through seeds of beauty.
Or anger.
Or fear.
What scares you? Heights? Then take a look at tall buildings, or climb a mountain for views of height.

Visit museums and look at the objects and artifacts on display. One small arrangement of jewelry, statutes, utensils, or tools might AWAKEN your imagination enough to pull you over that wall.

And, while we are discussing the word AWAKEN, let's take a look at Pixar's Blog Challenge #6, getting your character into deeper circumstances, out of his comfort zone, and pushing him to AWAKEN those choices he needs to make.

As you plan your novel, or while you are revising, keep this thought in the forefront of your mind. A character with no conflict to work through may be a boring character. Why are you writing him into your story? Is it because you came up with an awesome name and wanted to write that name over and over because you liked the way it sounded, or the way it looked on paper? If so, well, my advice would be to start over. You must AWAKEN the conflict, the motivations, the desire to overcome dire circumstances.

A page tuning story is one that brings the MC to the brink of disaster right when you think things couldn't get any worse. The conflict doesn't have to be action. It can be emotions, passion, decisions, or any such thing. Yet, if you don't AWAKEN the character and his turmoil, you may loose the reader.

Thanks for visiting today. You know, I think you're all beautiful guys and dolls, right?


  1. Great word and post!

    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. Sometimes it's the smallest things that spark an idea!

  3. What a great word to pick and an inspiring post!

  4. Totally agree-- it's important to keep the well filled and remember the inspiration. :)

  5. There's nothing I love more than that spark of awakening to a new idea (especially when it's an idea for a new story).

  6. I keep my journal (or scraps of paper) nearby for that wonderful moment!

  7. I often like to complain...I mean bounce ideas off people and then inspiration suddenly hits me. Most of my plots come from dreams though.

  8. Thank you for sharing this excellent post! It's full of helpful ideas. We all need inspiration and guidance so that we can write our most creative stories.
    If you'd like to find out more about my books, please go to: For example, you'll find out if Hattie and Elliott make a good team. What does Charlene do whenever someone tightens the girth(It's a creative little trick)How did Hattie get her name?

  9. So many great tips! Sometimes it's hard to be inspired when we're running around in a routine, but we need to slow down and look sometimes.

  10. Great post! This is my first year, too. Hope I can make it to Z. Thanks for the wakening inspiration.

  11. Greetings! Just stopping by on the A-Z Blog Tour. Your blog is great, and I LOVE, love, love your theme for April. I can't wait to read "B." :) Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes,

  12. Ooooh. I like your take on this Talynn! I'm thinking through how to awaken Chelsea and Trevor's plots better... how to bring them from point A to point B to the end.

  13. Great post - I love finding inspiration from just about anywhere.

  14. Nice Blog, I'll try to come back and visit! Stop by if you can - there are so many blogs to look through though! WOW ~Carmen

  15. Coincidentally, I am often inspired to write while listening to music, and a recent favourite was Awakened by As I Lay Dying.

  16. Oh it's so cliche but I awaken myself with coffee!! How wonderful to see new work! I love that you are being so original. This is my first visit to your blog. Please visit ours at and please sign up to become a member if you like what you see!


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