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In which I tell the honest, raw truth

Hello beautiful guys and dolls! This post could get a little sloppy as I bare my soul and tell my heart. But I've needed to this for a long, LONG time. So, here goes...

Like all new writers, I started my journey with high hopes and big dreams. I wrote my first book, started a new blog, got a facebook, and eventually hopped on Twitter. I wrote helpful blog posts and shared amazing links, asked agents to join and help, hosted pitch parties, and even wrote my own workshops (times 2 or 3)

I visited blog after blog after blog and joined blog hop after blog hop. I admit, I was addicted to blog hops there for a LONG time. I wanted to make as many writing friends as I could because I needed advice and craved their knowledge.

I commented and encouraged and praised and hugged and sent virtual hugs and chocolate to as many blog/twitter friends as I possibly could. I knew I would probably need the favor returned when times got hard for me. If you're all honest, you'd probably admit the same thing.

I joined contests and signed up for workshops and conferences. I begged for critiques from anyone who would listen and returned the favor as much as possible.

I got a job as an editor, a ghostwriter, a blog post writer, a magazine article writer, and landed some amazing literary agent intern positions. (just to name a few writing jobs I hoped would add to my writing experiences and portfolio) I even had a couple PB books published on the Android platform, but the app didn't fair well and it was discontinued.

I was a writer and I wanted the world to know it.
I was going to become a best selling author.
My books were going to be made into movies.

I watched as friend after friend, writer after writer, critique person after critique person announced their success, their agent contracts, their published book.

Slowly, I watched as they all left me behind and joined the ranks of published writers. not just writers, but bona fide PUBLISHED authors.

I got embarrassed they were good enough and I was still learning.
I got discouraged with rejection after rejection.
I decided to give up my dream.


I couldn't.
I couldn't give up my writing.
My dream is still alive and waiting for me to reach it!

With all that said, I've made a very big decision.
I've hired a cuple of editors and...

I plan to SELF-PUBLISH 3 of my books!
Look for more information about my books as the details surface for me!!

PS. Okay. Maybe 3 is a little over zealous. Maybe I'll wait and see what my editors have to say before I decide on all 3. But ONE for sure. Now, I feel much more confident I can do this...


  1. I'm so happy for you!! I just got an agent after ten years of struggling. I watched countless people move on while I treaded water. It was soul-crushing, but I couldn't give up. I told myself if this one wasn't it, I'd self publish. Finally the stars aligned, but if they hadn't, I wouldn't have given up. Like you, I love it too much. Congrats on taking your dreams into your own hands. I admire your grit and courage and I hope your journey is everything you dream it will be. And thank you for everything you've given to the writing community! This fellow writer appreciates it :)

    1. I am so happy for you! I'm sorry I missed your wonderful announcement, but I am beyond thrilled for you. You deserve it! I can't wait to read WinterSoul!
      Thank you for your kind words. It's times like this that keep me motivated and excited to keep working on my dream.

  2. I am still waiting for that big break too. Some days it is hard, but I can't stop writing and trying. I wish you luck with your new publishing journey. Let's hope 2015 is our year :)

    1. Hi Suzanne. Yes, crossing my fingers that 2015 will be our year!!

  3. Good for you! You need any resources, check the IWSG site. We have a lot listed. And I can point you toward several very successful self-published authors if you need help.

    1. I appreciate any and all help I can get. This is exciting and terrifying at the same time!

  4. Congratulations on taking charge of your own destiny! I self-published three books this year and will be putting out three more in the coming year, after deciding the trying to get an agent rat race just isn't my style. I've seen too many writers who still haven't gone on submission or are acting excited over a release date over two years away, long after writing their big "ZOMG I got an agent!" blog post. There's such a big disconnect between what agents and publishers claim sells, and what the reading public wants to see.

    1. You have 3 books out already? I've missed so much while hiding from rejection. Congratulations! I'm going to buy your books as an early Christmas present to me:)

  5. You're not giving up and that's the best news. Follow what Alex wrote and see what others have to offer you in the way of support and suggestions. There are some great people out there who just happen to write books. :-)

  6. Congratulations! Great way to end the year, isn't it? Happy holidays!

  7. You can do it. You're definitely very creative with your blog and that's huge. I self-published my middle grade and it has done well in spite of my bumbling.

  8. Congrats on braving this step! I'm sure you'll do great and enjoy every new step of the way.

  9. Good for you!!! I wish you the best of luck, because every single word hit home and I feel like I was reading my own confession.

  10. Congratulations on this step you've taken. I wish your 2015 will be your best year yet.

  11. Congratulations! Way to go with making that dream come true!

  12. I've self-pubbed and did the small press thing and I'm still hoping to get an agent. One of my books sells well in the UK so yay for that! Make sure you do a print version and not just an ebook. I went with Createspace. Good luck!

  13. Thanks. What a wonderful read. I can relate, somewhat. I don't have near as many writing accomplishments as you, but I so hope to be there someday. Have you published one of your books yet? If so, where can I find them? Thanks

  14. No, I've not published any of my books. I'm not sure if I could self publish. It involves more than what I thought and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that step yet. Thanks for asking!


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