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Pitch Workshop: Part 3

Hey everyone! So, today's the last day of instruction, and I'll post an example from my own writing to show you how I put it all together to make a Twitter pitch on tomorrow.  And give you an opportunity to post your pitch and get feedback. Also, on Friday, I'll be giving away a free bookmark graphic for all participates. After your feedback tomorrow, I'll invite Jessica from The Write Shadow here on Friday to give you a last chance feedback opportunity on your polished pitches.

Thank you ALL for participating!

Now, the last questions to answer!

We're talking about stakes today. I want you to think about stakes, both good and bad.

First, what happens if your MC fails? If she doesn't achieve her goal, what consequences befall her?

Second, what happens if she DOES succeed? Will she have to sacrifice something in order to win? What does winning cost her?


  1. I hope you're feeling better, Talynn.

    Good questions!

    If my mc fails, his brother may die. Also, his deepest fear is to be completely alone. If his brother dies, he really will be all alone. He also knows he will be an even bigger disappointment to his parents.

    He doesn't know how to rescue his brother but If he tries, he might lose his life also because of the circumstances. He doesn't know what the outcome will be--maybe his brother won't even make it or if he does, will he be ok?

    Succeeding costs him...finding out a painful secret that changes his life (eventually for the better).

    Thank you,

    1. I LOVE that the stakes are tied to your MC's greatest fears. The payoff from that when it's decision time for your MC will be amazing, both for your MC and for the reader.

  2. I seriously can't wait to work on your feedback tomorrow! You've got such an amazing sounding pitch already! It's going to be fun putting it all together!

  3. Thanks, Talynn! I really appreciate your comments and interest in my story. I'm really excited about your feedback, too!

  4. Oooh, fun homework:

    First the easy question:

    if Honey fails to control her powers, more people will get hurt and maybe even someone will die. Pretty high stakes. But the twist is that she needs to learn to control her powers because she is the cure, not the problem. (Oh, I've given away the ending... do you still want to read it?)

    Now the harder question (because I didn't think about this, and I should have): If she succeeds in accepting her powers as a new part of herself, that means leaving her old life at Hill Haven, including her BFF Kelly, behind. It means that a part of her might actually be evil, something she doesn't want to face, but now has to. He means that she can no longer assume everything will always be the way it always was. She will have to accept one inevitability: change. It means that she will have to grow up.

    1. Awesome stakes! On both sides. This will be so fun to work on with all your great answers in the workshop. Your pitch will be fabulous:)

    2. Thanks! Looking forward to tomorrow. There's a small typo in my homework ("He" is supposed to be "It") so people don't get confused. :)

    3. Facing change is a scary thing, so your stakes are super awesome. Even though you say you gave away the ending, you still have me intrigued!

  5. First, what happens if your MC fails? If she doesn't achieve her goal, what consequences befall her?

    If Jenna fails, she won't achieve her dream. She won't join NASA's program. She won't get the guy. And that's probably her worst fear-- being directionless with no place to call home.

    Second, what happens if she DOES succeed? Will she have to sacrifice something in order to win? What does winning cost her?

    Getting into NASA's program quickly becomes only half the battle. As she falls for the love interest, succeeding means leaving him behind for good. The LURE Program is a one-way ticket off of planet Earth. She'll achieve her dream, but lose the love of her life.

  6. Just thought I'd pop up and confirm that I would see you all on Friday. (

    I'll post my own quick pitch tips on my blog Thursday, and you guys can pop over there on Friday for the final day of the workshop.

    Thank you, so much, Talynn, for taking part in #JustPitchIt.

    Your friend,


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