Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#Writemotivation Goals

Sept. 9 update: Updates for the week are in hot pink!

I love this goal check motivation! Knowing someone is rooting for me and expecting me to check in with my weekly goals is a huge help. I'm not really a procrastinator, but sometimes I let other "things" get in my way. I like the idea of accounting for others to keep me on my toes:)

So, to start with, I'm posting my goals for this month and each week I am to let others know how things are going and where I am with my goals. Since this is my first time with public goal setting, I'll be honest. I made my first month goals fairly easy? Is that cheating? hehe!
photograph by Hugh Lee 
and licensed
under CC BY-SA 2.0. 

Here is what I thought I could keep up with this month.

1. Finish the editing of my manuscript.

        Sept. 9: I have edited 1 chapter!

2. Write 500 words each day on both WIP

        Sept. 9: I have written approximately 900 in WIP #1 and 350 in WIP# 2

3. Learn the "art" of the query letter.

       Sept. 9: I am participating in the Pitch Polish with GUTGAA, and I have visited 3 websites this     week that deal with query letter help.

How are you doing? I am making my rounds to visit everyone on Monday and Tuesday:)

There you have it. It's the 4th day of the month, so I hope to have accomplished something by Monday, when I need to give a progress check.

Wish me luck!!

I've got a huge amount of blogs to visit! I have other #writemotivation goal keepers and then I have GUTGAA! Boy will I be busy. But that's okay! I'm really excited!

See you soon:)


  1. Those are some great goals! Go for it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Heather. We keep bumping into each other. I think it's destiny. I'll root for you and you can cheer me on... Nice to see you here! Best wishes on your goals this month!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the good luck wishes.

  3. I tried something like this about a month ago. I hoe you have better luck than I did!

    1. Well, I'll let you know each week how things are going. I plan to stay on target, but it may be harder than what I thought.

  4. welcome to #writemotivation! learning the "art" of the query is a fantastic goal! i used to hate that dreaded word until i made my peace with it and began to understand it. great goals!

    1. I still don't like the word QUERY. I probably never will. Even after I am finally published, I will still cringe at the word QUERY!

  5. Thanks for following me! I'm following you now too. Good luck with that partial. BTDT, fulls too, now revising based on an agent's request but there's certainly no guarantee in this querying/publishing game. When GUTGAA pandamonium settles down I will come back and poke around on your blog :)

    1. Oh, that will be great! By then, I'll probably buried in new posts!
      Nice to meet you, too:) Thanks for following. (my blog, that is.)

  6. Awesome goals.
    Awesome progress!

    Welcome to the #writemotivation bouncy rubber room...er crowd! :P

    1. I love it here!
      Thanks for the awesome welcome:)


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