Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yet Again, another contest

I know. I enter a lot of contest. And if you knew how many I enter and NEVER tell, you would be even more surprised!

But this contest has amazing prizes. Really. There's query letter critiques and First Chapter Critiques!! Yippie! You can enter if you want because the deadline is September 29. So go ahead and polish your first 250 words, then head over to

Writer Therapy for the official rules and entry requirements!

One thing. If you do enter, would you PLEASE leave a comment?

And one question: What is your opinion of contests? Do you like them? Are you for them, or against them? (okay, so that was more than one question. Sorry!)


  1. I enjoy contests, I think they are fun and a great alternative to getting an agent to see your work. Sometimes I think being in a contest is better than being in an agent's query inbox honestly.

  2. I entered, just for fun :) Not expecting to win, but I enjoy participating in contests 'cause I get feedback, and get a chance to see what other people are working on :)

  3. I entered! I always hope to get some agent feedback, if nothing else. Or at least feedback from other writers who comment.

    And I agree entering contests is a great way to catch an agent's attention. If nothing else, it provides a fun alternative to querying. And I've learned a ton just from reading entries that do win. :)

  4. i think contests are a great way to get your work out there. Even if you don't win, the feedback is invaluable.

  5. I like competitions too, they are great for boasting your confidence and getting your work out there.

  6. haha...I was getting ready to enter this contest when I saw your comment on my blog that you'd revised your query, so I came over to take a look.

    I'd never entered anything before this month, but I'm having fun. I was super happy when I placed in the kissing scene contest. It definitely gave my confidence a much-needed boost. Looking forward to seeing what plays out with the other contests but, in the meantime, I start querying tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  7. I love contests. Most are great at getting some feedback and a whether you get through or not is usually a good indicator of how your writing is progressing.

  8. I like contests because even though I never win, I always learn a lot

  9. I love, love, love contests! They teach me deadlines, sometimes give me feedback, and get me in the hang of submitting work. They also teach me to accept rejection. But as long as I'm submitting to contests, I feel like I'm actively working at my craft and continually trying to get better at it! Contests rock. Best of luck to you in all the ones you enter!


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