Sunday, September 30, 2012

GUTGAA Small Press Pitch Contest Judging Round One!!

It's here! It's finally here! Can you believe it? How exciting. This week, it's going to be crazy and fun and educational because you are going to have the opportunity to sit on these critique sessions. There will be FOUR secret judges stalking Ink in the Book and 3 other blogs judging query letters and the first 150 words of their manuscripts.

The break down of each category is:

Ya Contempory and Historical
YA Other

From each category there will be the following winners for the first round. If a query is chosen as a winner, they get to move to the second round. In that round, the judges with the editors of the small presses!!!

So, the number of winners from each group will be as follows:

Adult- 8
YA Other- 9
YA Contemporary and Historical- 5
NA/MG- 3
Why an uneven amount of winners? Because of the amount of entries for each group, it seemed more fair to select a higher number of winners, if that group had more entries. So Deana broke them down into percentages of the amounts received.

Keep an eye out for the secret judges who will be putting their votes out. In the even of a tie, there will be a judge tie breaker.

The judges for the MG/NA list will be:
The Purple Pixie
I'm Just Sayin'
-Winners will be announced no later than Friday

-The top 25 will be posted on Deana’s blog for the final round next Monday 

Here are the links to the other blog hosts:


  1. Yay, I'm so excited! I'll bet you have an absolute ball hosting!

    1. Me Too! Me Too!
      I'm looking for yours....

  2. Is it that your blog will host all of the MG? Thanks for participating! And are they entries still being uploaded? I'm not finding my Upper MG. Thankyou.

    1. Oops, I see it. Sorry, it was in the older posts. Time for coffee. THank YOU!

    2. Not for sure which one is yours, but it's here if you you made it in. I've uploaded all of them. Best wishes this week!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Alex. So exciting! This week, I'll be on pins and needles!

  4. I'm excited too! My entry is here!

  5. So fun to follow along with what's happening!


    1. Keep your eyes peeled. Tie breakers on their way...

  6. such a cute header! thought i was already following you! i am now!

  7. When do we get to hear who the judges were?

    1. Wouldn't I just love to know!!!!! But alas!! I think it's up to the judges to spill their guts! Maybe we could beg or bribe?????


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