Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Veil of Pearls: Day Two

Adalia Winston is the MC in MaryLu Tyndalls's Veil Of Pearls. Yes, she went to a party! She was invited to attend, but refused the invitation. An important event changed her mind.  It was a late evening and Adalia was on her way home. An unsavory gentleman emerged from the shadows and somebody was there to save her. Who was it? What happened? Don't leave me hanging like that, right? Oh, but alas, I can't tell you. Read the book. It's explained rather nicely!

Now, for the party, which of the following items did Adalia not include in her wardrobe? This party was quite eloquent and so she would have worn the very best. Please remember. I was unable to locate exactly what I needed and so some items may not fit the period of 1811, in which this story takes place. Use your imagination and PRETEND all the photos are from the nineteenth century.






  1. Hmmm....I do not recall a parasol with Adalia, but I could be wrong. I do recall what happened that late evening..hehe..but I will not spoil it for everyone else. There are so many wonderful scenes in this novel, it was so hard to put down!

  2. Hmmm indeed. I'm not sure I even know!! Thank you for dropping by, Debbie!

    1. No problem. It seems like this novel is generating more interest than most of the others. Great job!


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