Friday, July 20, 2012

So Far Behind...

I wanted t take a few minutes and let everyone know how sorry I am for lagging behind. I am lost without all my goodies from my MIA Macbook. Yes, I have a new one and will learn to love it, I am POSITIVE about that. But I had so many book marks and programs and software that was compatible with a Mac that cost m*o*n*e*y to buy and pictures and graphics saved on my desktop and my wonderful I-love-you-to-death Photoshop and my Bamboo and my logo creator and...

Well, I guess you get my drift.


So, my fellow bloggers and faithful followers, my postings will be short and no where near as colorful as usual.

For now, I am singing, "You picked a fine time to leave me MAcBook. With four hungry blog tours and blog hops in the field..."

And yes, I'm POUTING!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your tec problems, hope you get things sorted. In the meantime try to keep on smiling - computers hate that, it makes them nervous!

  2. Sorry you lost your files. Make plenty of backups with the new one. (I know that doesn't always help when you lose programs as well.)

  3. Oh no! You lost all your writing too? They can't recover it at all? I'm crying with you. Truly:(

  4. Bodacious bummer about loosing your files. Always backup. I learned this the hard way. (All our family photographs from the last 7 years were lost to a virus) But the programs are just gone anyway. So sorry! *waves*

  5. If you still have the hard drive you may be able to salvage it by turning it into an external hard drive and plugging it into your new via a usb cable.

    It works with PCs and unless your hard drive is what failed, should work with a mac.

    1. Try this page for help with a mac.

      It looks like the same system as with a pc. You need the cables and a case which come in a kit. I know it's easy for me to say that it's easy, but once you've done it you will say, 'is that all?'

  6. I hope you manage to get your files back, its a pain when computers go awol

  7. For having lost your files and programs, you're keeping up well... I haven't had tech issues and I'm having a hard time keeping up with YOU! In all seriousness, though... I do hope you recover your work :-(


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