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I am punching this blog post out on my phone, so please excuse any typos. ( Who am I kidding. I'm the typo queen and I don't need my phone to make them!)

Also, please forgive me for the lack of links and graphics, as my phone makes this much to difficult.

I signed up for camp nano and yesterday was the first day. How many words did I write?


Today was epic fail in he writing world. I had two unexpected appointments and was gone all day. By the time I dragged my weary bones home at 10 tonight, I was so tired, my mind couldn't concentrate on writing. I hope to make it up tomorrow.

I hope.

After 20 years of hone schooling, I made the very difficult decision to send my children that are still school age, to a private school.

We are trying to find a house so we can get out of the camper and settled down before school starts.

These are the two biggest things that will nake my writing  insecure this month.

How about you?


  1. Sounds like you are very busy with home and family at the moment. I hope you find the perfect house for your family and that the children settle quickly and happily into their new school. I'm sure the writing will follow once you are settled.

  2. There's always tomorrow. :) Best of luck with everything!

  3. It's anew day! Don't worry about what didn't happen yesterday with your writing.
    Sorry you had to send your kids to a school. A private school is better than a public school though.

  4. Wow, sounds like a lot going on. Good luck with finding a house and settling in the kiddos. And with camp, remember not to mourn what you didn't achieve, but look forward to what you will.


  5. I've also signed up for Camp NaNo, and like you, circumstances have prevented me from writing anything yet. You're not alone! We'll both get there in the end :)

  6. Wow! Some big changes for you this month. You still have plenty of time left in the month, so don't despair about your writing goals yet! All you need are a couple of kick-butt writing days where your Muse perches on your shoulder and whispers in your ear. Good luck!

  7. Phew! Those are two big things! I hope you are able to find some quiet time to get some writing done :)

    Visiting from IWSG,
    ~AJ from Naturally Sweet


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