Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fun

Just popping in to say hi, and I miss you guys so much! It's been a long, crazy week and things will be calming down after the weekend.

My question for you to ponder this weekend:

Have you ever done or said or wrote something you felt completely felt like a fool over later? How did you handle it? What did you do?

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend guys and dolls!

If you are in the workshop, next week is the final week before submissions. PLEASE ask any questions you may have. There will be a lot going on next week as final preparations begin.

As for my secret, I still can't tell. I'm waiting I hear the answer. Hopefully today...


  1. good vibes your way for the answer that is best for you!

    have a marvellous weekend!

  2. You mean open mouth, insert foot? Oh yeah!
    Hope you hear back today.

  3. I have experienced the post-embarrassment of doing, saying and writing something.Those times one just says "swallow me, Earth." I pretend it never happened or I try to think on other times that I've been brilliant. Have a great weekend!

    1. Some things are just too much to pretend I never did it. But, life goes on, we recover and better days smile upon us:)

  4. I'm so very glad you're having such a great week!!! And sitting on exciting news to boot. :-)

    1. It's been super busy! Yep. Exciting but may be getting the boot

  5. Talynn - you don't have enough blog space for some of the stupid things I've done. LOL If it was against someone else, I apologized. Even shame faced, shuffling feet, in need of a good punch, I did it. Or made sure it was a story for others to laugh at me.

    I am glad you are having an exciting and great week. Psst...what secret?? Oh, come on, you can tell me...


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