Friday, February 8, 2013


Title: Going Thru Hell
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 72,000


For Kylie Rippons changing events in time is like braiding. Except the steep cost the power demands – she must forfeit a pieces of soul.
The gods want her unique skills for their never-ending wars, uncaring of the cost she must bear. But she prefers sanity with her tattered spirit intact. The only solution is to wage war against the powerful immortals using secondary abilities, especially if it guarantees her beloved son, Riot, will remain a secret.
Two ancient goddesses, an outcast Valkyrie and a rogue Beserker team up with Kylie to protect and fight with her. Together, they hunt the gods, in hopes of forcing them leave her alone. Too bad life gets in the way. She loses battles, betrayed by a beloved ally, and finds herself on the verge being completely soulless.
 Kylie wants her son, sanity and live a life of peace in the Denver suburbs. Instead, the gods learn of young Riot, a demi-god with the same power as his mother, and intend to use him as leverage. She must face her worst nightmare: braid time and temporarily remove the threat to Riot - losing soul and sanity in the process, or find the courage to follow one bright string depicting a time line in which Riot is safe. And she is dead.

First Page:

I desperately wanted to bang my head on the desk but the boss would only make me pay for any damages. Glancing over the desk, trying to find anything heavy I could throw at the arrogant god which refused to shut up. He'd only laugh at any pathetic attempt to shut him up with pencil holders and files. The PC tower might work. I shook my head, the paycheck couldn't take the hit.

To make matters even funnier, the god in question couldn't be seen by anyone else. My co-workers would have great stories of me throwing various objects at thin air. Last Christmas party notwithstanding, I didn't need any more rumors circulating.

“Go. Away.” I narrowed my eyes. Amun was built like any other male god I'd ever seen – tall, muscular, handsome. The only difference could be seen in his bronze skin, beautiful mahogany colored eyes and straight, smooth, thick black hair. He always wore a stupid St. Louis Rams t-shirt. Both of his wrists were encircled by badly inked ram tats.

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  1. I love this except this reminds me a little too much of a few of my favorite published authors. I'd like to see more of you and your voice in the story. I think your holding back.


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