Friday, February 15, 2013

EVADE Blog Hop!

When I heard Jessa Russo was going this blog hop, I hopped right right in!

I loved Ever and Frankie was who I rooted for, and I'm still rooting for him! I loved him before I ever met him, and this is why I chose this particular character...

  • Name: Angelica, but my friends call me Angel
  • Age : 16
  • Gender : I'm a girl
Good or bad? Depends. I've been in love with Frankie ever since the night he died. You see, I died the same night Frankie died. Not in a car crash, but I drowned. By the hand of someone I though was my friend. Frankie hasn't met me, yet, nor I him. But we met our fate the same night. Somehow, I feel that connects us, even though Ever doesn't know it. Yet.


  1. Oooooh .... intrigue!

    Thank you for participating, Talynn!

  2. Oh very cool! I like that. What an awesome character! Good job.

  3. hey that's such an interesting idea


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