Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

It's time for another Happy Reminder of the small things that keep us happy!

This week, I am happy for:

My husband coming home from a week long trip: Smooches and goodies came back with him!

My daughter has made it to her 2nd trimester and so far, the baby and her, are healthy! (she had a miscarriage earlier, at about this same time in the pregnancy)

I have a new group of writing pals I'm so excited to be part of!

What about you? What are celebrating this week?

As usual, THANK YOU VIKKI for hosting!


  1. Yes, such good news!

    Smooches and candies, me and my hubby too!

    Anniversary yesterday, and we get 4 full days together!

  2. Excellent news! Our best wishes for your daughter and that baby stay healthy!

  3. I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news about your daughter!! And glad that your husband is home happy and safe!

  4. Healthy babies and loving husbands-- among the very happiest of things in life.

  5. I'm extremely happy for your daughter and the baby. I've had 2 m/c myself so I know the feeling of relief and fear and happiness. Will keep sending my best wishes to her.

    Yay for your husband getting back home and have fun with your new writing pals ;)

  6. It's cool that you've got a good writing group, and happy all's healthy and back home with the family. :)

  7. Great list! So happy hubby is home and daughter is doing well and all your other great news ;D NICE!
    Me, I am happy I survived another week of gloom, for chocolate and Cream Puffs, lol! ;D
    And I found out my article is going to be published..woo,hoo!

  8. Smooches from hubby and extra goodies too! Sounds heavenly!
    I'm so glad that your daughter is hanging in there... fingers crossed for her. x
    A new group of writing pals... what more could a writer ask for? You are soooo lucky!

  9. Ah what great celebrations, so glad it's going well for your daughter and YAY to hubby being home! Thanks for joining in celebrating!

  10. Glad to hear your daughter and her baby are doing well. That's a huge thing worth celebrating!


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