Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Workshop 15 Saggy, Baggy Middle?

Operation Agent Ink Preview!

Thursday is our big day and it's full of awesomeness, with agents answering your questions and giving gifts away. What could be better?

So, because Thursday will be full of lots of goodies, I've decided to give a little preview to the workshop. I don't want everyone feeling crammed into the afternoon, but hopefully you all will enjoy the day and getting to know the agents participating in the Pitch Opportunity!

Oh, and out new agent will be here on Thursday, so I'll be posting who she is and what she has on her wish list!!

So, on to the workshop!

Here is a checklist to ask yourself as you approach the middle of your novel:

Do character relationships change? Do they deepen, get more emotionally involved or love/hate more?

Have you given your readers even more reasons to care about the characters and plot line?

Is there a sense of urgency present? Are the stakes pushed up even more? Is there a pending death, whether physical, psychological or professional, or even emotional?

Have you given your characters a STRONG reason NOT to walk away? Have you written a immobilizing setting, relationship, or just good standing morals?

and last, but certainly not least...

 Have you increased the conflict and the tension?

How do you fix a boring middle? That's just what the next workshop will cover. For now, think about these questions on the checklist. Hopefully, this will get some creative juices flowing!!

See you later:)


  1. thanks, definitely considering these questions as I go through my manuscript.

    1. I know! I keep a running list of questions like these posted on my board at my writing desk. It helps keep me focused:)

  2. Hmm, I'm looking at these questions after my first editing run and all my mind comes up with for each one is: yes.

    Now I'm wondering if that's really the case or if I'm fooling myself ...

    I so need to get my CPs to look over it.

  3. Yup! In fact, my poor lil MC is going to do a complete 180 - from constant reaction to the situation in hopes the bad guys will leave her alone - to going on the hunt. Not easy when they are gods :)

  4. I did not do some of these things well in my middle. Bah-- must do a lot of rewriting.

  5. Excellent questions to improve the story-line and deepen conflict. Im bookmarking the workshop for future and present use. :)


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