Friday, December 7, 2012

Agent Insider

Good Morning beautiful guys and dolls!!! How are you today?
I'm doing simply wonderful today!!! I hope your Friday is shaping up into the beginnings of a FANTASTICAL weekend!

I have some AGENT INSIDER news you might enjoy as you work on your character development workshop. It's from Mary Sue Seymour and Marisa Cleveland!!

What makes a good character?

Mary Sue says:

Perfect character - if it's a hero, it's guy you would like to date [if you weren't married!], and if it's a heroine, it's a gal that could be your best friend.

Marisa says:

Perfect characters are not perfect - they are characters with flaws and it's best when their greatest strength is their greatest weakness and the book actively engages the character in that realization and takes them on a twisted journey as they come to this conclusion and deal with it.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to "talk about" this important topic. Happy Friday to you all!

  2. I just bought a book by James Scott Bell ($1.99 on kindle's holiday sale!) on character. I need to read up on this very topic. Thanks Talynn!

  3. I wonder how much grief Mary Sue gets. :)

    There are different types of perfect characters. In one of my novels, Robert is perfect. He's got no redeeming qualities. He's perfect for his role, though no one would want to date him (aside from 50 Shades die-hards).

  4. Oh! I'm so proud. The greatest weakness is greatest strength trick is exactly what I went with in one of my books! :)


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