Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cheers Cavanaugh Blogfest

Well, I made time for this blogfest, just because I wanted to say thanks to someone who deserves it! I'm not participating fully, like the "rules" say to post, but I couldn't resist a big THANK YOU!

When I didn't even know who Alex was, I would get a comment that would put a smile on my face. It NEVER failed. Then, it got to where as soon as I posted, I expected a comment within 3o minutes from someone named Alex. It didn't matter what time of day I posted and it didn't matter what the subject matter was in my post. I could count on Alex to come along and comment.

I thought he had a spy camera. How did he know I posted???

One day, I went to his blog after several days of missing his post and I wanted to catch up on all the things I had missed that week. As you all already know, he posts awesome ninja news, right? So I had to scroll down to the bottom of his page to read it all.

There to my astonished amazement was a link to my blog!! I couldn't believe it. I felt so honored that someone with so many followers and blog hops and magic comments all the blogoshere would even know who I was or care enough about what I had to say, to be listed in a long line of Blog roll guests of honor.

Even more so, what sealed it for me was the day I was so discouraged and posted a little whiny, woe is me blog post, and here he came and wiped a tear from my eye. A stranger, really, who was kind enough to wipe my tears? How amazing. I felt humbled beyond words.

So, this is my THANK YOU blog post, truly and told in a very raw and sappy way, to the Ninja Captain.

Oh, and Thank you, Mrs. Alex, for kindly sharing your time with your husband for all of us blessed writers!

And if any of you have ever seen Love Comes Softly, then you know what I mean when I say "Clark" (Dale Midkiff) would make a perfect Alex, or vice-verse, or something like that!

As T commented below, Alex needs an award. Yes he does! So Alex, because you have been faithful in commenting on every blog known to man, and because you have sworn to fulfill your obligations and duties faithfully and honorably,  I hereby bestow upon you the award of the Inky Comment!

Alex Cavanaugh, you've been inked!


  1. This is a great thank you to someone who truly deserves it!

  2. A beautifully written thank you! I can totally relate... I've seen so many bloggers passing around blog awards and badges for this, that and the other... where's Alex's award for best commenter in the entire universe?

  3. This was a lovely tribute to Alex, Ink! Alex is amazing---such a heart, and support to this community. Thanks so much for participating! <3

  4. Wonderful post to a wonderful guy!

    I'm glad to see someone else, besides me, didn't post until Tuesday.

  5. Lovely words and a lovely Inky Award to go with it. Great tribute :)

  6. Aw! I love that candy cane on the side!!! As sweet as Alex? Yep, his comments always make me smile. Glad you inked him ;)

  7. Oh yeah, Clark would make such a good Alex. He's awesome. :-D

  8. Thank you so much, Ink! And I just blew my record of commenting within thirty minutes - darn.
    We're all just bloggers here and size doesn't matter. No big or small potatoes - we're all just mashed potatoes together.
    Thank you so much for the kinds words and the award. And for always stopping by my site with a cheery comment!

  9. Great post. I think Alex has taught you well, because you've been there for me in a similar way. So, thanks!

  10. Couldn't agree more, Alex is awesome.

  11. This was a great tribute to our beloved ninja capt'n. Thank you for participating! :)

  12. Inky, I love your post! It is so endearing and sweet~
    You roasted Alex in honey, but he really deserves all the praise! :D Oh, he thinks we are mashed potatoes-I think we are Cinnamon Rolls, sweet, sticky and sometimes a bit mushy, but so fun to be near! And we smell great, too...lol

    I love your blog....GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Very sweet -- just like you. Well-said and I liked Alex's response of "mashed potatoes". :)

  14. Nice tribute, Ink! Very sweet and heartfelt...and so nice of you to Ink him, you little cuttlefish. :o)

    Nice decorations! Christmas is in the air...

  15. What a great post. What would we do without people like Alex, right?

  16. Everyone has already said everything that needs to be said. Enough said! :)

  17. I want to be Alex when I grow up. I asked him how many blogs he visits he said several hundred. So I asked how long it takes him, and he said a few days. Haha. Doesn't help me in my guest to be like him. Oh well, guess there's only room for one Alex.

    Nice entry! I wasn't able to get it to download until today.


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