Thursday, December 6, 2012

Workshop 14

Today's workshop will be writing exercises. I know! I hear your groans! But the best way to write better is to write more? Write? er... I mean right?

I won't delay the ink stained pen and smudged paper. Let's get busy!

Writing exercise #1

Writing real human relationships can be enhanced by using real life situations. So first, think of a friend, or maybe someone you don't really like, and write down at least 5 feelings/emotions you have about him or her. What happens when you express these feeling? What are your thoughts? What body movements are involved?  Use these emotions and body movements in your writing!

Writing exercise #2

What would the above person in exercise #1 have to do in order to prove to you that he or she has sincerely changed?

Writing exercise #3

Now, think of someone you know who has had a turn of attitude since you have known them. What changes did he or she make? How did that change make you feel?

Writing exercise #4

From the above exercise, think of a fictional character you love. How did that character change? What do you wish WOULD change?

Writing exercise #5

Pick one of the following characters and give ONE solid, good motivational reason the character might be what he or she is. Which one would be the most intriguing to write about in your novel. WHY?
a lost child
a murdering drunk
a pretty actress gone mad
a rich man marrying for political reasons
a theif
a nun with a kind heart
a lady who would do anything to conceive a child

(Last) exercise #6

Now, write down the consequences for the character you picked from exercise #5. Would this consequence be enough to cause your character to change? Why? How? Write about it.

Well, that's it for now guys and dolls! I hope you enjoyed this change of pace.
Please let me know if you have any questions!!!

Sagging middles, anyone? Come back next week for ideas on how to keep the middle flowing with excitement and intrigue!


  1. Great exercises, but ones I'll have to pass on for now. Bookmark! I'm like you...extremely busy and hard to fit everything in.

  2. I'd like to share a blog post I wrote about something I call my "writer's toolbox."

    Rather than try to think back and forget the minor details that can add realism and depth, when I'm going through various experiences, I write them down at the time. It's not an unusual sight to see me pull out a notebook at the grocery store where I will write down the flickering fluorescent bulb over the backing aisle, the dull hum in the meat section, the instant fogging of a glass door after I take out some ice cream and close the door.

    I've been through a lot of painful medical things, and I wrote at the time about what I was going through. My doctors learned to keep my journal near me so I'd have it when I woke up. You bet I wrote a lot, and I can write a painful scene with uncomfortable realism.

    Writing down experiences at the time of having them, as long as it's safe to do so (keep your eyes on the road!), can help a writer add that depth by helping them remember all the tiny details we learn to tune out but will recall upon reading about it.

  3. Great exercises! Hopefully after more exercise, my middle won't sag so much :)


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