Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Blog Hop

Brenda Drake is writing under the influence of coffee and so I've partnered up with her so we could share the coffee pot. We both have two pots, fresh ground coffee and lots of sugar and flavored cream to go around! Want some, too?

What am I thankful for? There's too much to list, so I'm glad we have all month to get this list accomplished!

Today, I'll start with my family. I have been blessed with SIX children and all them are the joy of my life. The absolute joy of my life. I love them more than I could express. This picture is a couple of years old, but it's our last family portrait. We are getting a new one this fall...they just don't know it yet:)

Writing Tip: Create another character to describe your MC. This is a fun ay to learn something new about your MC. You'll find something completely unexpected and surprising about your MC.

I hope the links work:

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2.Sarah J. Clift7.Robin Weeks12.Abby Cavenaugh
3.Fiona McLaren8.Stacey Trombley13.Talynn Lynn
4.Lizzy Froehle9.Amy Trueblood14.You're next!
5.Rachel @ Rachel writes things10.Swagger Writers  


  1. Couldn't link up, but I'm thankful for the many blessings I have received and the many blessings I am able to give.

  2. You have such a lovely family. It's great to get family portraits so you can see how everyone changes over the years :)

  3. Wow love the portrait! Beautiful.

  4. Love all the red, reminds me of hearts and love! Nice looking family - thanks for sharing them. Great idea for a writing tip. Thanks for joining the fun!

  5. Fantastic photo!

    Where can we sign to be added to the list?


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