Friday, November 2, 2012

BIAM Worksheets from Writers Digest

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If you downloaded the worksheets from Writers Digest that I recommended, here's some tips for getting the most use out of them!

The first set of worksheets contain information you'll need for the THREE ACT STRUCTURE.
This technique divides the book into three sections and each section had a specific goal for you as the writer to help you plan your outline or panster writing!

Whether you write with a detailed outline, or simply sit down and write your story free hand, these worksheets may help you keep your thoughts together.

The first set of sheets is a story tracker. You can break each ACT down into character, main plot, subplot, setting, and one space for "other" which you can use for props, dialogue, minor characters, inner journey, just whatever you need!

Second set of of sheets is great for time keeping. You can record hours spent writing, word count, inspirational ideas (I put these in the "miscellaneous" section) and even write down things that distracted you.

Remember in yesterdays lesson, I mentioned the MC, and every character, needs a goal or obstacle to over come in EVERY scene? I use the GOAL TRACKER sheet to help me keep those goals, conflicts and tension elements in view at all times during my writing.

I'm skipping over the STORY IDEA MAP for now. There are a lot of things to discuss when using this sheet and I have a whole lesson designed for this section! I'll be posting it over the weekend.

But last, for today, I wanted to talk about the scene worksheets. Remember how we discussed the index cards and how to use them to plot of your scenes? I  mush prefer this method over the SCENE CARDS worksheets because if I add a scene, or need to remove a scene, it's much easier to change an index card instead of trying to erase a page. But you can use these worksheets to get a broad idea of how your story will proceed on a broad scale. Kinda like the big picture you know?

Okay, more on the worksheets later!
Keep writing. Just keep writing, writing, writing!


  1. I like using index cards too and plan to do this as I work through my revision to help me visualize scenes and moments better. Good suggestions.

    1. Thanks Julie! How's things going? I wish you the best on your revisions.
      I should be writing, but I needed a break. My thoughts are getting jumbled!

    2. Yeah sometimes a break is in order! I've hooked up with a group participating in NaNoReviMo and along with your helpful posts, I'm trucking through revisions. :)

  2. Is there a link to the worksheets?
    Kathleen S. Allen

    1. Yep!! Here ya go!


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