Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Extended Sign-up Date

Tell everyone you know! Sign up for the Operation Agent Ink workshop and pitch opportunity has been extended!

Why? There are TWO reasons:

1. Some of the agents I have contacted about participating have not confirmed yet. I want to give them plenty of time to make up their minds of clear their schedules to make room for our marvelous workshop! I do have one MAYBE, so I'm hope this agent will be able to attend:) He is a wonderful agent and would make a great addition to our pitch opportunity. He is looking for MG as well as YA, so that's would be a plus for our MG participants!

2. I would love to see more Inspirational and Nonfiction writes sign up. Tell your writer friends to get over her and sign up!! Spread the news. If you have a friend who writes either of these, please send them over here. It really is an awesome opportunity!

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up, to all the ones who have blogged or tweeted and to all the agents and editors who have agreed to participate!
To you, I say...


  1. I'm interested. Is there a cost involved? How do I sign up? Thanks Debra for passing this on.
    Jan Cline

    1. Sign up links are in the side bar at the top right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Click on the sign up link, then fill out the Preview #2 questionnaire, and your are good to go.


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