Thursday, November 8, 2012

Agent Insider News

I have some super exciting news to tell you! I think it will just make you smile, maybe even jump up and down with so much happiness you'll "SQUEE!"

For those who have asked for a mentor during the workshop and will be sending in you work for advices and comments, we are having an agent giveaway!! (no, I'm not giving an agent away)

That's right! We've got some help coming directly from our talented agents who will be offering their personal and direct advice, suggestions, and critiques.

YAY!!! Let me just say, I wish I were joining this workshop rather than hosting it!! hehe!

Who are the agents? I know you have been wondering. At least I hope you have! I am waiting on two more response emails before I can list the agents. PLEASE be patient. I promise the list is amazing. You'll be happy, I know!

But, I will go ahead and let you know what the GIVEAWAYS are going to be, so far. I hope more will come in, but if not, this is a great list of agent inside news. Ready?

The First Five Pages Critiqued By an AGENT
The First Three Chapters (of first 50 pages) Critiqued By an AGENT
A Phone Call BY an AGENT

Aren't you glad you signed up for the mentor workshop??

I'll give more details about the giveaways as the time draws closer for the giveaway, so don't miss a day of "classes" or you might miss the announcement!

Send personal chats, questions, or weekly material for your mentor to

workshop ink in the book @ g mail dot com (no spaces)

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  1. LOL! I had to laugh about not giving an agent away - can't we have one for our own???? :0)
    And yep, I'm squeeling about your giveaway! Thanks for all of this!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you...jumping up and down now!

  3. OMG that's amazing. Damn, is it too late to sign up for a mentor? LOL

  4. You have been amazing pulling this together-- what a lot of work you're doing behind the scenes. Thanks Talynn-- be sure to do some good stuff for you too!

  5. You are such an enthusiastic writer it makes me wish I was looking for an agent.

  6. Wow! It would be such a great learning opportunity to get an agent's feedback.

  7. Go you, goodness you are organising so much goodness.


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