Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Agent Insider

I've got some news you can use! Wanna know what Agent Brittany Booker says about the first sentence?

Do ya? Huh, huh??? Do ya??

"First off- what makes a good first sentence is 'the voice.' That first sentence should say something about the plot, character or storyline that would let the reader know the type of voice in the story and the tone of the story. If the heroine/hero is a goofy or sarcastic character, the first sentence should reveal that."

Does your first sentence, or first two sentences show off your voice?

Your plot?

Your character?

And let's not forget conflict?

Yesterday's assignment turned in some fabulous first lines!! We've got great things for our agents to to drool over!

By the way, our secret judge, who happens to be an editor for an online magazine and blog, and our other secret judge, who happens to write for an on online magazine and blog, as already started the judging and hopes to have results next week!!!

So, I'm adding a few more tips for that all important first line!

1. Keep it simple, clear and concise.

2. Snappy works, as well as shocking and surprising.

3. Bring out the mystery. If your reader is dying to know what is going on or what is going to happen next, they will keep reading.

Please remember, these tips are not intended for every first line in every genre, for every writer. It's up to you, the writer and creator of the story to decide what's best for your first line.

Great job, writers! I'm looking forward to announcing our winners!

Tomorrow night, I'll post Operation First Scene and First Page, and First Chapter. Thursday's post? Operation Character Development:)


  1. First lines must be on everyone's brain. I'm posting about them tomorrow. Great tips.

  2. First lines are soo important. Probably why I usually change mine a hundred times!

  3. I hate first lines. They're the hardest to write, and even when they're on the paper, I know I'll end up changing them at least a hundred more times.

  4. I love all that you are sharing! Thank you Inky your the best :D @>--------

  5. I remember a conversation I had with my editor when I told him how many times I'd rewritten my first two pages, he couldn't believe it. But you are right, they're important.

  6. First lines are important. Especially when an agent only wants the first five pages, your beginning lines better be good!


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