Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pitch Workshop Part 2

Ok beautiful guys and dolls! Today, I want you to tell me 4 things.

1. Tell me about the setting in your book.
    Be specific and creative. Be unique:) For instance, don't just say, the park, the school, the nursing home. What kind of park? Don't just say the house next door, Tell me the abandoned house, or the nasty neighbor house.

2. Who is the enemy of your MC?

3. What is the inciting incident? What propels your MC to start his/her journey? If you can throw in an adjective, that's even better. Example: Tragic car crash, Scary lunchroom incidnet...

4. What does your MC need to do in order to succeed? Start a petition? Run for help? Control his powers? Go into hiding?

For today, just answer these questions, just like yesterday.

Please know I am here and will answer any questions and offer feedback by tomorrow. I've been sick and have had doctors appointments that were complete unexpected. After today, I should be free to interact much more.
Thanks, guys!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you're under the weather and having to deal with *us*. :)

    1. Setting: Northern Colorado high mountains, designated wilderness, on an obscure trail, along a wild river, on the way to Grandpa's remote rustic cabin.

    2. Enemy: The brothers are each other's perceived enemies, the dangers of the wilderness are their enemies as well. The brink of death is their enemy.

    3. Inciting Incident: I have a question about this one...Is the inciting incident what starts the story out--in my case it would be the boys starting on their journey alone, without Grandpa. OR is it the "big event" that everything aims towards--which would be when the one brother has a fatal climbing accident and has an NDE?

    4. This will depend on the answer to #3


  2. The inciting incident is what propels your MC on his journey. Now, this could be his emotional/inner journey of finding himself, or it could be the physical journey when the story is plot driven. So to answer your question: is your story character driven or plot driven?

    1. Thanks, Talynn, that answered my question, too. I really hope things get better for you.

      Did you need to pull out of this workshop, too? It looks like Shari and I are the only ones who've posted so far, and I can't speak for her, but I'd totally understand if you needed a break.

    2. Talynn, I agree with Jen if you want to let this go I'd totally understand. :)

  3. Guess someone's got to go first. ;P

    My homework:
    1. Setting: Hill Haven is a small town in a rural setting. Think of those towns out in the middle of nowhere that has maybe one exit, and a population of 6000. You know, big enough not to be called a village. The four sub-settings are a) Hill Haven Middle School - small groups of classrooms sprawled out across a open campus, b) Honey's home - a two story residence with the front room in the front, kitchen in the back and a staircase in between, c) Hidden Hill Jr./Sr. High - a large building separating the Jr. from the Sr. on a secret campus inside a hill, d) the bus ride between HHH and Honey's home - a standard issue with about 15 rows of seats and an emergency exit in the back (the last row has a heater under the seat).

    2. Enemy: In a lot of ways, Honey is her own enemy. She believes it when Ellen says she's evil. She avoids her first BFF, Kelly, and that is more damaging to their friendship than Honey's big secret. She worries that her new BFF, Deseree, will become her enemy just because their superpowers seem to be opposing. And she thinks she's the villain when other people's powers start backfiring.

    3. Disintegrating Volleyball

    4. Honey thinks she has to harness her powers, but really she needs accept her powers as a new part of herself (with all the other changes of puberty).

    1. Hey, Jen, did you see that Jessica re-opened the submission form for pitches on her website post of #justpitchit? Just wanted to make sure you see it!


  4. This is late, I know. Agh. Sorry.

    1. Tell me about the setting in your book.

    My book takes place entirely in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a small college town I visited not too long ago. When I visited it was snowy, icy, and wet, but beautiful in its own right, so I've set my book during that type of weather as well. It felt like a small, tight-knit town, but one that knew how to party.

    2. Who is the enemy of your MC?

    Is it cliche to say that she herself is her own enemy? If so, maybe that's what this book is lacking. So, herself. Or the US military and the love-interest's job.

    3. What is the inciting incident? What propels your MC to start his/her journey?

    The inciting incident is when my MC discovers her boyfriend of four years has cheated on her.

    4. What does your MC need to do in order to succeed?

    Basically, my MC needs to get her life together and pass the entrance exam for the Astronomy Program at school so she can get on with HER life and HER dreams-- and not be directed by anyone else's.

  5. 1. Setting: Post-nuclear-Apocalypse Denver, in a former hotel (Art Deco) and high rise (post-modern) that have been converted to be radiation safe.

    2. Who is the enemy of your MC? The Royals of the court, since she doesn't fit in, and specifically the Queen and the Princess.

    3. What is the inciting incident? Elise is Chosen for a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete through Time Travel to be the Queen of the last society of people on earth.

    4. What does your MC need to do in order to succeed? Elise must learn how to calm her overwhelmed mind to be able to time travel, and ignore her haters in the royal court.


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