Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Where Are We, anyway?

When I signed up for the A to Z Challenge, I couldn't wait for the letter D to get here. I had such an exciting blog post planned.

D is for Dancing with your plot...

For a Panster, plotting is harder than for a natural borne plottter. Well, for me it is. I always get a cramped feeling when I sit down and plot straight out. I honestly can NOT think of the path I want my characters to take.

My creativity always happens as I'm writing. Maybe my MC does something out of the ordinary that will spark an idea. Or sometimes, as I'm working on descriptions of the setting, an idea will come from no where.

As I write, the inspiration happens. So my problem with plotting is NO INSPIRATION.


One day, I was chatting with @plotwhisperer and she said something I'll never forget.

Mar 19
Can always do both at the same time, . Write until you don't know where you're going anymore. Plot for clarity and direction
A dance, . Back and forth until you have plotted and written all the way to the end.

That idea sounded beautiful to me! Dancing with my plot. Dancing with my WIP. How inspirational and romantic. I loved it!

And so, now I dance. I write a little. As inspiration strikes, I stop and plot some. When the ideas cease to to roll, I pick up my virtual pen and write. When something new pops up, I stop, and plot more.

It's beautiful.
It's fun.
It's creative.
It's inspirational. 
And I love it.

It gives my writing a whole new meaning.

Ready for dance lessons, beautiful guys and dolls????


  1. Ink, hope you're doing all right.
    If writing that way keeps things flowing, do it. I bet changing it up like that would help a lot of people.

    1. I'm constantly changing things up. I find it difficult to focus from point a and plot forward. I need to mix things up to keep the creativity flowing smoothly.

  2. I can't plot but I somehow know 'the something' that going to happen before it does. I can find out something I didn't know about a character, and this can 'turn' the story. Less than half way through the novel I know how I'd like it to end, and it's quite amazing how it gets there - with twists and turns along the way.
    Somehow I know what's coming next, but where it comes from I have no idea. I'd like to think this is 'dancing'.

  3. I'm a hybrid. I get a basic outline in bullet points and know the end from the beginning. From there, I'm all over the place writing wherever the inspiration attaches itself to and skipping all over the place.

  4. I know it make writing easier if you can plot. I can't. Give me nonfiction and I can outline until those cows make it home, but fiction? Fat chance. I do write until I have no where else to go, then I take a walk or go to sleep. When I come back to my project, that character has already written the next scene and the next.


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