Friday, July 19, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things Blog Hop

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I missed last week. I was traveling home from visiting my daughter. But I will be heading back that way very soon. the doctors have told here to expect an early delivery! She's 3 1/2 weeks from her due date, so any day now!!

Second, I'm ready for the workshop I promised a few weeks back. with my car accident and then my teenage daughter's car accident, it's been a very stressful month and I've just not had the time to spend blogging. So... on Monday's Mixed Ink, HAVE YOU SCENE IT workshop will begin. I will post the schedule of events and the classes we will have. I'm so excited!!

There will be prizes and surprises and AGENTS!!

You coming?
See you there:)

And don't forget to visit all the other wonderful blogs in the hop. It's nice to celebrate the small the things.


  1. I hope your daughter was okay! And how exciting with the coming baby! It must be almost impossible to blog right now - I can hardly believe you're still doing the workshop. A real power girl ;)

  2. Looking forward to the workshop details. Sorry the past month has been so rough.

  3. Sorry this past month has been so rough. Exciting with the upcoming baby. You are amazing to keep a blog schedule like this and prep! My celebrating the small stuff has been querying. I've queried 10 people and have 7 fulls. I am SO excited/thrilled! But the waiting is the worst!

  4. Wishing your daughter well with the upcoming baby!

  5. You must be so excited about the new baby!

  6. Best of luck to you and your daughter! A new baby is always something to celebrate!

  7. Sounds like you've had a crazy month. Hope it ends on a high note. All the best to you, your daughter and the new baby. :-)

  8. Glad your family seems to be doing better, and may the delivery go quickly and smoothly. Hope it all works to strengthen the family more. And I'd like to hear more about this workshop. Writer’s Mark

  9. Hope next month is a lot better for you and your family!!!
    That workshop sounds like fun!


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