Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello World!

I spent the evening looking through my blog. I remember when I published articles at least 3 and 4 times per week.

I had enough visitors to keep me busy.

I ran contests and workshops.

I wrote about writing and graphics and fun stuff.

And then somehow, one day, I got too busy.

Too busy to visit my friends, whom I'd taken so long to get to know, spent hours and days investing in their time.

I miss my blog. I miss my friends.

I've been so busy writing that I let my blog go, and I stopped visiting other blogs.

Now, I have to start over. I plan to write about everything I learned in pitchwars, which is a lot.

So excited to be back!!!

I hope to see you all soon. Until then, write with purpose, beautiful guys and dolls!


  1. Welcome back! It won't take you long to get back in the groove. Looking forward to your Pitch Wars tips.

    1. Thank you, Alex! It's good to be back on the blogeshere:)

  2. Great to see you back. It sounds like you've been productive in your time away, to say the least! I look forward to the Pitch Wars details.

    1. Thanks, Nick. Can't wait to share everything I've learned.


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