Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tinted Ink Tuesday: NaNo Tip 2

How's everyone doing with their NaNo project so far? I know, it's early in the race. You may be rolling along at high speed, not a bump in the road. If so Kudos to you! Keep at it and before long, you'll have a shiny new WIP ready to edit and revise:)

Sometimes, even when things are going well and your writing is flowing from pen to paper, reading a good writing tip is just like icing on the cake. Today, I give you ICING!

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Characters are the heart of any story. While plot may keep the pages turning and the atmosphere electric, it's the characters who bring the story to life. Readers want to get tangled in their heartbreak, their joys, their mistakes, their problems, their WORLD.

We access a book and it's story by the characters we love. We relate to them. We love them. We hate them. We love to hate them. We identify with the feelings of the characters and that's why, when we finish a book, we sigh, and move it it to the top of our favorites list.

Characters move the story in a way plot never can. Why? Because plots have been done. Over and over and over again. But drop a new character in the middle of a well worn plot idea, with his or her own feelings, reactions, thoughts, beliefs, and motivations, and you have a brand new story.

Characters work toward their goal by interacting with other characters and by struggling with their own inner emotions and conflicts.


It's what provides the drama of every great story.  And it tends to make things messy for the character you love so much.
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Characters without conflict tend to be boring. Our favorite characters not only make things happen in the story, they also have things happen to them. Keep in mind as you write how the situation in your plot pushes your character forward, or shoves them backward, but also how your character can do do some pushing and shoving of their own.

This is how your character can show their unique qualities. It's much more than the runaway teen with a heart of gold or the homeless bag lady who really has a mansion and a million dollar bank account.

How do you make your character stand out? Make them different? Be unique?
Come back tomorrow for Tip #3 in my NaNo tips of the month!

Happy Writing beautiful guys and dolls!!


  1. Characters are the most important to me. I always work on my characters before I work on the story line.

  2. Thank you so much for the tips, Talynn. I'm Victoria Marie Lees and this is my first time here. Your tips are very useful to writers. I love the photos and your blog layout and template. I will join your blog. http://victoriamarielees.blogspot.com

    Characters do need to be unique and have troubles outside of the main action of the storyline. Just as you said many plotlines have been done, so too have character traits. It takes effort and time to come up with something unique to your character. And Nanowrimo doesn’t allow much time for contemplating character traits. I suggest remembering what’s important to the plot, write what pops into your mind and move along with the story, and then make the characteristics more unique in the next revision.

    I’ll stop by your blog again, Talynn. Thanks for the info.

  3. Unique characters are always interest-catching and memorable. Good post.

  4. Characters come first! I'm a believer in plot, but it's worked out and driven by who your people are. Good post.

  5. Excellent offering and I agree with the advice toward characters. They bring you the story and tell you how to tell it. You just need to get to know them first.

  6. MMmmm.... what a great comparison! Lol! But now, my mouth is watering. Where are the cupcakes!!!

  7. I seem to live in a state of conflict, so I know how dramatic and non-boring it can be! Of course, I jest. Good to see you, Ink. Just wanted to see how things were going. Read your other NaNo tip about backstory. Very nice, and congrats on the interning.

    M.L. Swift, Writer


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